BRIANNA NISSAN’s Wedding Story

Brianna is one of the organized brides that took ownership for the 14 bridesmaids too. She chose a beautiful red Nepali saree that is not so easy to work with due to the sturdy silk fabric.

Wedding Saree Styling

We brainstormed her pleats during the trial drape and went with the minimal jewelry look. Her bindi and the veil complemented each other. We chose to hand sew the veil clips to make it seamless to remove and wear as needed for her ceremony. We also trained one of the bridesmaids to help Brianna later with her veil.

All her bridesmaids sarees were from Mayasdesiboutique in Euless,TX. After getting their measurements online, the process was seamless taking not more than 10 minutes to drape a bridesmaid. As always we were ahead of schedule to start her photo session at the botanical garden.

Let's Style Your Wedding Saree!

I & my team are experts in saree draping, pleating, and styling in Texas!

The Wedding Memories

BRIANNA NISSAN’s Wedding Vendors


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