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Our customers love our top notch services like you. We are all ears to learn more about your custom styling needs as unique as you.

Bridal Saree & Lehenga Styling

Bridal Saree & Lehenga Styling

Embrace the essence of traditional elegance on your special day with our exclusive Bridal Saree and Lehenga Styling service. Our team of expert stylists is dedicated to bringing your dream wedding look to life.

Saree & Lehenga Pleating

Saree & Lehenga Pleating

Transform your traditional attire into a masterpiece. Our skilled artisans meticulously hand-pleat each garment, ensuring flawless, elegant folds that enhance your ensemble's grace and charm

Bridesmaids Saree & Lehenga Styling

Bridesmaids Saree & Lehenga Styling

Tailored for the modern bridal entourage, we offer a harmonious blend of contemporary designs and classic styles. We ensure each bridesmaid shines with individuality while maintaining a cohesive look that complements the bride's attire.

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Saree Pleating

Artisanal hand crafted pleats!

“Ugh!If only someone could do this” – We all said this! Saree pleating is our forte at Pâttupleats.

Our expertise lies in years of pleating sarees, lehenga dupattas and dhotis to hug you right and keep you comfortable.

The detailed measurements and the strategic positioning of pleats is a know-how skill that we are proud of.

At pâttupleats, we cater different services to suit your pleating needs. Our standard delivery is in 3 days when you are not in a rush. Our customers adore the 24 hour service.

If you need things done right away, we offer a 2 hour service. It is fast and efficient with our FREE stylist session. Here, you get all the value in just 2 hours.

We offer free shipping and deliveries at your doorstep on eligible orders. Did you know that your pleated sarees come wrapped in breathable muslin cotton bags, and a handwritten unique fabric care guide.

There is a drape for everyone!

When your drape is right, your style is right too. The trick is finding the one that speaks your language and personality. It could be a saree on a lehenga , a saree on a skirt or one on Tiabhuva’s saree silhouettes.

Our brides adore us when we make sure they are comfortable to sit and walk around in the drape before we leave.

This styling package is for someone who needs a hassle-free draping experience like sipping a glass of wine.

Veil saree draping

It's your a-la-mode!

Our Saree Styling has no definitions or rules attached to it. At pâttupleats, we style with anything and everything that adds confidence to your look.

We sit 1:1 with you to understand your styling goals, help you find the right add-ons and style you for the day. The whole package is an answer when you need help to put the pieces together either from your existing wardrobe or shopping some.

We work with designers all over the world to get your a-la-carte pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe. We will strategize your look based on budget, time and always your comfort in a saree.

With the help of color palettes that suit your vibe, we help you choose designer saree blouses, silhouettes, jewelry, make-up, hairstyle , shoes, and anything that makes it more you. If you are new to the saree couture, this package is a relief to your end-to-end saree styling needs.

Just bonnes idées

Oftentimes, all you need is useful insights and knowledge! We empower you with the styling secrets from the style connoisseurs. These sessions are online or at your wardrobes.

Did you know that our customers use these consultations to get a saree closet audit too. We come to your place and help you get rid of the pieces that are not you anymore. It is not easy to find a saree when you have a thousand types of fabrics and motifs.

We see you nodding your head 😉 Also, if you get a chance, you will save the planet too.We help you strategize your money and time in sustainable fashion and advice on what to and not to buy in your next saree shopping. Our goal is to ensure you adapt, style and be yourself. After all, your style is a part of defining you and finding your success.


Bridal Saree & Lehenga Styling

Bridal Saree & Lehenga Styling in Dallas, blending traditional Indian bridal wear with Parisian design elegance. Our lead designer, trained in haute couture in France, expertly styles each saree and lehenga with a touch of global sophistication.

Experience the fusion of cultural richness and modern design in our bridal wear. Our styling is not just a skill but a passion for perfection, ideal for weddings and special events. Our designer’s international experience adds a unique flair to traditional Indian bridal wear, creating ensembles that are both timeless and contemporary.

At our Dallas studio, we see your bridal saree or lehenga as a canvas for personal expression, transforming it into wearable art. Enjoy bespoke styling that goes beyond fashion, making your bridal attire a symbol of artistic mastery and timeless elegance. Elevate your bridal look with our unique blend of heritage and modernity.

Saree & Lehenga Pleating

Saree & Lehenga Pleating service in Dallas, where traditional saree elegance meets French haute couture sophistication. Our designer, with over five years of experience in France, brings a unique flair to every pleat and fold for your wedding attire.

Our service is more than just pleating; it’s about crafting a personal style story for your special day. Each saree and lehenga is carefully designed to enhance your natural beauty and embody the essence of the occasion.

Choosing our Saree & Lehenga Pleating for your Dallas wedding means embracing a blend of cultural richness and global chic. We are dedicated to creating memorable experiences through our artistic pleating.

Discover the art of saree and lehenga pleating at our Dallas studio, influenced by the elegance of French fashion. We ensure your wedding attire is a blend of tradition and modern sophistication, making every pleat a symbol of elegance for your special day.

Bridesmaids Saree & Lehenga Styling

Transform your bridesmaids’ look with our Bridesmaids Saree & Lehenga Styling at Pattu Pleats. We specialize in adding magic to every pleat and fold, ensuring your bridal party shines with uniqueness on your special day.

Our styling involves expert draping and careful accessory selection to complement your wedding’s theme. Our stylists excel in creating personalized looks that resonate with each bridesmaid’s personality, whether you’re aiming for a classic or modern vibe.

We pay meticulous attention to every detail, from blouse designs to accessory choices, to enhance the overall beauty of the outfits. Trust us to turn your bridesmaids’ attire into masterpieces of style and elegance.

At Pattu Pleats, we blend traditional elegance with contemporary trends, ensuring your bridesmaids look their absolute best. Choose us for unmatched excellence in saree and lehenga styling for your bridal party.


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