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Meet Akila!

Akila is the Owner and Head Stylist of Pattupleats with over 5+ years of experience in the bridal styling industry. She believes in adapting to the bride’s style and personal style to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Her communicative personality makes her a unique and popular stylist for draping brides in sarees/lehengas. Akila is the last person the bride works with on D-Day before her entry.

She uses her excellent organizational skills to work with MUAs, photographers, and planners to seamlessly execute schedules to ensure the bride is ready on time.

Akila Palaniswami


Our mission

We are here to help brides in their saree/lehenga styling needs. Globalizing saree/lehenga styling is one of our goals, and we ensure brides access professional saree/lehenga styling and draping. 

We ship pleated sarees/lehenga dupattas all over the USA free of charge as the first step towards our mission. We trusted data and research before it became the buzzword du jour. 

To reduce the 1.2 billion tons of carbon emissions released by the fashion industry every year, we encourage our customers to reuse, re-drape sarees/lehengas and styling sarees from other’s’ closet before buying a new one. 

We empower the professional saree/lehenga drapists and stylists in every way possible to spread the saree vogue.

Our Values

We tell you what matters most to us and what we try to deliver as a community to you and the planet.

Sustainable styling

Sustainable styling

We love saree repeaters! It’s good for you, us and the environment !



We innovate along with you from experiences and researches to improve every day



We adapt to aesthetics and concepts that add value to our people.

Gender Neutral fashion

Gender Neutral fashion

We embrace and accept people for who they are.

Our Vision

A world where everyone’s saree/lehenga styling choice is Pâttupleats and to be accessible from anywhere in this digital age.

Where we empower and inspire professionals with saree/lehenga styling knowledge, countless drapes, history and more.

Where we are mindful of sustainable fashion and make educated choices to help our planet through services and products.

Where we constantly unlearn the styling myths and emphasize our customers to get those sarees/lehengas out of the wardrobe and drape it like they own it.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no wrong questions. Ask us anything if we missed it here.

What makes our draping and pleating services popular in Dallas?

We are proud to say that our draping and pleating services have become quite popular in Dallas due to our unique approach and expertise. We specialize in saree and lehenga styling, where we blend traditional techniques with modern flair.

Our team, trained in advanced pleating methods, ensures that each drape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and suited to the individual’s style and body type. This personal touch has earned us a loyal customer base.

Our participation in prestigious events like the New York Fashion Week has showcased our ability to present sarees in innovative ways, attracting attention from fashion enthusiasts. We’re dedicated to providing a unique, comfortable, and stylish experience to everyone who chooses our services.


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