Tips to dance in a saree!


Dancing like no one’s watching works always but not really after draping a saree 😉 To help you dance, here are 5 tips to style your way in saree . As always, comfort first and beauty next 😉 Fabrics that are dance friendly are satin silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe and linen. Also, though silk sarees are known for dance friendly, vegan silk is lightweight and easy to drape and dance. 

Wearing a saree is a beautiful way to showcase South Asia’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. However, while this type of clothing can be quite fabulous, wearing it might be a little challenging – especially if it is your first time. Moreover, dancing can be obstructed if you do not know how to choose a saree that is comfortable and allows movement. 

That is why we have provided useful tips to help you pick the one to make you feel marvelous, even during dancing. Wearing a saree inconveniences-free is possible as long as you know the right ways to choose the one for you! 

Soothing fabric of the petticoat is essential 

If you choose a petticoat made of satin or polyester, it will likely cling to your skin.  This can make it difficult to walk or dance in a saree. If you cannot change the fabric of the petticoat, you can apply talcum powder to your legs. This way, you can prevent the fabric from sticking to your body. 

Bear in mind that the fabric matters the most regarding the comfort of a saree dress. Strive to find one that is made of soft and natural materials that will make your movement easier. For instance, a silk saree will allow you to dance freely while giving you a touch of luxury and elegance

Precise pleat tucking can do wonders 

Tucking pleats is an important part of wearing a saree. It involves folding and tucking the fabric neatly and securely to stay in place while wearing.

To avoid tripping over your saree while dancing, leave a portion of it hanging while you take your pallu. When making pleats, ensure that the first one is tucked in a bit deeper than the rest. It is also a good idea to ask someone else to check that none of the pleats have come undone. This can be a safety hazard, so do not leave it unchecked. Once securely tucked in your pleats, you can enjoy dancing without worrying about your saree dress getting in the way.


The choice of the petticoat cut makes a difference 

Nowadays, there are several types of petticoats available, ranging from paneled to A-line or side-gathered petticoats. However, if you are already feeling a bit nervous about tripping while wearing a tightly draped saree, it is best to choose a petticoat with gathers on the side inserts. This will give you enough space and provide the necessary support to hold your breathtaking attire in place. 


Goddess-like draping technique

It is important for your saree draping to be neither too tight nor too loose. If it is draped too tightly, it can restrict your movement and make walking around difficult. On the other hand, if the saree draping is too loose, it may shift from its position. To avoid this, it is essential to ensure that the saree is draped comfortably. After draping, it is a good idea to move around and check if you are comfortable.  If necessary, it is recommended that you re-do it.

All drapes slay or sulk with the right safety pins. Also, hand sewn pleats bring confidence while dancing in a saree. Most of the saree stylists carry the sharpest safety pins and different sizes of needles to sew as required. One of the common practice is to sew the saree pleats on the chest with your jewelry to ensure they don’t disturb during the dance and celebration.

Putting on heels before draping works in favor of comfort

Choosing sandals with a slight heel can enhance your walk and improve your posture when wearing a saree. It is a good idea to wear them while you have your blouse and petticoat on and then tie it accordingly. Draping your saree dress while wearing heels will help you get the right length – neither too short nor too long. This can save you time from making adjustments later, which can be quite time-consuming.


Wearing a saree is all about elegance and sophistication. However, only putting it on is not enough. You will have to move and dance and put your clothing choice in the spotlight. Therefore, make sure you pick the one that suits you! 


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