Tasnim & Samir's Styling

We worked our magic, transforming woven fabric into a sartorial emblem of grace and tradition. We sculpted an aura around her, ensuring every swirl echoed the joy and elegance of the day.

Saree Stylist in Texas

Wedding Saree Styling

She chose a gorgeous lightweight embroidered red silk saree that is very flowy and adds a Maharani vibe. After the trial drape, Tasnim requested that I pleat her saree right before the event. We went in person to prep, pleat and drape it on her right before her event. We assisted in her getting ready shots too.

To enhance her stoned jewelry and intricately worked blouse, we strategically fanned out more than 9 chest pleats, carefully balancing the drape to highlight the blouse’s exquisite embroidery without masking its details.

Saree Stylist in Texas

Let's Style Your Wedding Saree!

I & my team are experts in saree draping, pleating, and styling in Texas!

The Wedding Memories

Tasnim's Wedding Vendors


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