Sirisha Karri Bridal Drapery

Sirisha reached out to us 9 months before the wedding and we used the time to brainstorm her drape styles, fabric choice, extra trial drapes for peace of mind and all our planning came together as a beautiful happy bride as she is
Saree Styling in Texas
Saree Styling in Texas
Saree Styling in Texas


Sirisha is one of the unconventional brides choosing a saree on a purple custom made lehenga skirt. The saree was soft enough to accentuate the drape and it flowed like a waterfall when she twirled everytime.
Lehenga drapes need planning, Plan -B drape style , an efficient seamstress and stylist’s third eye to bring out the bride’s personality and ensure comfort is taken care of too. The hand sewn pleats looked seamless throughout her Pellikoothuru event. We chose not to heat press her pleats as the saree fabric wasn’t puffy on her chest. Minute details matter.
Saree Styling in Texas

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I & my team are experts in saree draping, pleating, and styling in Texas!

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