Saree Styling for Different Body Types: 5 Tips and Tricks 

Saree Styling for Different Body Types

Sarees, with their timeless elegance and versatility, have always been a staple in South Asian fashion. However, choosing the right saree and draping style can be daunting, especially since different body types require different approaches to styling.

This comprehensive guide offers 5 essential tips and tricks to help you select and style your saree perfectly, catering to your unique body type.

1. Petite Body Type: If you have a petite frame, the key is to opt for sarees that create an illusion of height and don’t overwhelm your figure. Lighter fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or crepe are ideal as they cling to your body, offering a slender look. Avoid heavy borders or large prints, as they can make you appear shorter.

Instead, go for narrow borders or no borders, and smaller prints or solid colors. When it comes to draping, the classic Nivi style works well, but ensure that the pleats are neat and not too voluminous.

Pair your saree with high heels to add some extra height, and choose a blouse with a V-neck or deep U-neck to elongate your neck.

2. Tall and Slim Body Type: You can experiment with bold and big prints, heavier fabrics like silks and cotton, and broad borders.

These elements add volume and break the monotony of height. Draping styles can be varied – from the traditional Nivi to more contemporary styles like the Lehenga saree or Butterfly drape.

The idea is to play with layers and add dimensions to your look. Blouses with high necklines, long sleeves, or detailed embroidery work well in enhancing your saree style.

3. Pear-Shaped Body Type: The objective is to balance your proportions as your lower body is wider than your upper body.

Choose sarees in darker colors and lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette, as they help make the lower body appear slimmer.

A-line draping, where the saree is tucked in a bit more than usual around the waist area, can be flattering. Opt for embroidered or embellished blouses to draw attention upward. Boat necks, square necks, or blouses with interesting patterns or necklines work well to accentuate your upper body.

4. Apple-Shaped Body Type: For those with an apple-shaped body, where the waistline is broader, it’s important to choose sarees that don’t add volume around the waist and abdomen. Sarees with beautiful prints or embroideries along the border and pallu can shift the focus away from the midsection.

Lightweight, soft fabrics like silk, crepe, or soft cotton are ideal as they drape beautifully and don’t add extra volume.

Opt for longer blouses that cover the waist area or blouses with peplum designs. Draping styles that don’t emphasize the waist, like the Seedha pallu (Gujarati style), can be particularly flattering.

5. Hourglass Body Type: An hourglass figure is characterized by a well-defined waist and balanced upper and lower body.

If this is your body type, you have the freedom to play around with a variety of sarees and draping styles. Sarees with elegant drapes and fluid fabrics like silk, satin, or chiffon will accentuate your curves beautifully.

Experiment with bold prints, vibrant colors, and different textures. When it comes to draping, the traditional Nivi style works wonderfully, but don’t shy away from drapes like the mermaid style, which highlights your curves.

Opt for well-fitted blouses with interesting necklines, like a sweetheart or deep V-neck, to enhance your figure.

Accessorizing and Blouse Selection: Regardless of your body type, the right accessories and blouse can make a significant difference in your overall look.

Jewelry should complement your saree and not overpower it. Simple, elegant pieces work well for heavily embroidered or printed sarees, while statement pieces can elevate a simple saree.

The blouse design is equally crucial – it should align with the style of your saree and flatter your body type. Sleeve length, neck design, and the overall fit of the blouse can greatly impact your saree’s appearance.

Consider the Occasion: Always consider the occasion when selecting your saree. Lighter, more comfortable sarees are suitable for day events, while luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet are perfect for evening functions.

The event’s setting and formality also play a role in choosing the right saree and styling it appropriately.

Confidence is Key: Remember, the most important aspect of draping a saree is confidence. No matter your body type, owning your look with confidence makes all the difference. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and find what works best for you.


Saree styling is a skill that celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies. By understanding and embracing your unique body type, you can select sarees and draping styles that enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you’re petite, tall and slim, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, or hourglass, there’s a saree style out there that’s perfect for you. For those in need of expert guidance, Pattu Pleats in Dallas offers professional saree styling services to help you look and feel your best in this beautiful attire.

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