Michelle & Chris's Wedding Story

There are brides who just trust their saree drapists/stylists and let professionals do their work. She is one such bride that always came to us with a cool and composed attitude.
Saree Styling in Texas
Wedding Stylist in Dallas

The Beautiful Bride Michelle

It was so much fun working with Michelle right from her consulting session. Her bridal saree was a right red in color that portrayed her pleats beautifully on the sides and her chest. The beauty of single color plain sarees is they give a less is more effect like a beautiful melody song. One such work is Michelle MAthew’s saree draping.
Michelle ensured we had zero intervention during our drape session at the venue. What a peace of mind and relief 😉 She chose a cotton saree silhouette and we were able to accentuate her drape with sleeker pleats below her waist creating a chinese fan effect. Her poses were stunning in the pictures with confidence and a smile that radiates beautifully.

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I & my team are experts in saree draping, pleating, and styling in Texas!

The Wedding Memories

Michelle & Chris's Wedding Vendors


Bonjour beauté!

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