6 Tips for Packing and Prepping Your Saree and Lehenga

6 Tips for Packing and Prepping Your Saree and Lehenga

When it comes to traditional Indian attire, sarees and lehengas hold a special place. Their elegance and charm are unmatched, but packing and prepping these beautiful garments, especially for a big event like a wedding, can be daunting.

If you’re traveling from India to the USA for your big day or simply attending a special event, here are six essential tips to ensure your sarees and lehengas arrive in pristine condition.

1. Understand the Fabric
Before you start packing, it’s crucial to understand the fabric of your saree or lehenga. Silks, georgettes, and chiffons each have different needs.

Silk, for instance, is prone to wrinkling and should be handled with extra care. On the other hand, georgettes and chiffons are lighter but require careful folding to avoid permanent creases.

2. Use the Right Folding Technique

For sarees:

  • Lay the saree out flat.
  • Fold in pleats, aligning them carefully.
  • Once pleated, fold the saree into half, then into quarters.
  • Secure with soft tissue paper to avoid creasing.

For lehengas:

  • Lay the lehenga flat.
  • Fold it in half from the waist down.
  • Place layers of tissue between folds to maintain shape and prevent creases

3. Appropriate Storage Bags

Invest in good quality saree bags for both sarees and lehengas. These bags are usually made of soft, breathable material that prevents moisture buildup and protects against dust and dirt.

Avoid plastic bags as they can cause yellowing of the fabric over time.

4. Packing Bridal Lehengas from India to the USA

Start Early: Begin the packing process a few days in advance. This allows you to carefully pack each piece without rushing.

Use Sturdy Suitcases: A hard-shell suitcase is preferable to protect the lehenga from any external pressure.

Layering is Key: Place the lehenga at the bottom of the suitcase. Cover it with a layer of soft cloth or bubble wrap. Place other items on top.

Avoid Overpacking: Don’t stuff the suitcase. Overpacking can lead to unwanted pressure on the lehenga, leading to wrinkles or damage to embellishments.

5. Climate Considerations

When traveling from India to the USA, the change in climate can affect your garments. Humidity can cause certain fabrics to expand or contract. To combat this:

Include silica gel packets in your suitcase to absorb any excess moisture.
Once you arrive, hang your sarees and lehengas in a temperature-controlled environment.

6. Post-Arrival Care

Upon arriving in the USA, take your sarees and lehengas out of the suitcase as soon as possible. Hang them up to allow any creases to fall out naturally.

If necessary, consider a professional steaming service – especially for bridal lehengas. They can carefully remove wrinkles without damaging the fabric or embellishments.

Bonus Tips for Brides

Photograph Your Ensemble: Take pictures of your saree or lehenga after your final fitting. This will help you remember exactly how it should look.

Carry an Emergency Kit: Include safety pins, a small sewing kit, and stain remover wipes for any last-minute fixes.

Consult a Professional: If unsure about packing delicate or heavily embellished bridal wear, consult with a professional. They can offer advice tailored to your specific garment.

Remember, your sarees and lehengas are not just outfits; they are a significant part of your special day. Taking the time to pack and prepare them with care will ensure they look as stunning as the day you first tried them on.

Traveling with traditional Indian attire can seem overwhelming, but with these tips, you can rest assured your sarees and lehengas will arrive in impeccable condition, ready for your memorable event.

So pack with love, care, and a bit of expertise to keep the elegance of your traditional attire intact. Happy travels!

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